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04:15pm 03/07/2006
  Looking for a new fitness program? How about trying the Presidential Fitness Challenge. This challenge comes in three varieties:

1. The Active Lifestyle Program - For those of you who aren't active on a daily basis yet, this is a great way to begin. The rules are basically to get a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise at least 5 days a week, for a total of 6 weeks.

2. The Presidential Champions Program - If you're already active and want a new challenge, this program is for you. Your goal is to see how many points you can earn by staying active. Points are based on the amount of energy each activity burns. So the more active you are, the more points you'll get. When you reach 20,000 points, you'll earn a Bronze award. Then you can continue on in the Presidential Champions program for a Silver or Gold award.

3. The Advanced Performance Presidential Champions Program - This is basically the same system as the Presidential Champions Program, except that the award goals are higher. For instance, you need to get 40,000 points to earn a Bronze award.

The Presidential Champions Fitness Program Website (where you can log your progress and also order your awards when you've reached your goal)

Also, if you want, come join the LJ pres_challenge community to chat with others who are challenging themselves with this program.
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01:40am 28/09/2005

 New community opened buy_and_sell

This is a community for selling things that you don't need anymore.
Or buying things that you do need.
You can also give stuff for free or exchange.
Everybody welcome to post ads.

Winter fitness classes 
12:43pm 04/12/2004
mood: accomplished
Hey Guys..
I am thinking about picking up a fitness class in the winter term, to shake up my workout routine.

I was just wondering what you guys do for your routines, and if anyone is taking or teaching some great activities?
good tip for cold season 
11:08am 05/11/2004
  A cold or bad allergies means no amount of butter, cheese or other fat is going to improve the taste of your food. All you're doing is adding fat and calories to your food... for nothing. But you can spice it up with cayenne pepper or hot sauce, which can actually help you to breathe easier and increase the chances you'll regain your sense of taste.

from e-diets
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05:27pm 08/08/2004
  Is there anyone here from Scarborough?  
Farenheit 350 
09:32pm 04/08/2004
mood: curious
Has anyone been to this restaurant yet? Its on Bloor St near Brunswick.. The premise is that they do healthy food in a gourmet way.. The menu seems to have all sorts of dieter info on it, which is cool.
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10:59am 30/06/2004
mood: happy
So, I had my first Toronto rollerblading session last night! It was great! we were out for 2 hours!

Mostly we rode around the Annex, but then we headed all the way up to Casa Loma, took a break up there to look at the scenery, and then rode back down. I didnt even fall once! (though i did come very close while trying to cross some streetcar tracks.)
My scary moment was getting down a somewhat steep hill.. Not wanting to lose my balance while riding my breakpad, i just had to go with it. Thankfully, it was a deserted street, so i was free to careen down it.

All in all I am very happy with my first experience, and I am looking forward to many more rides this summer!
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favourite places to run/walk/blade 
09:50pm 28/06/2004
mood: curious
Hi people,

I've decided to learn to blade this summer, after sitting on my blades for about 2 years now.. *my old place was surrounded by big hills.. and getting started was just frightening!*

so, since i already like to walk alot, and i will hopefully begin training with the C25K program by the end of the summer, I thought i would ask where people like to do these activities in the Downtown area?
I live in the Annex, but i am not averse to travelling for nice scenery.
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05:40pm 28/06/2004
  Welcome to Fit in TO!